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Horse Simulator 3D

Your horse is waiting for an unforgettable adventure! Traveling around the island, you will take part in various tasks, you will make a family and baby-foals, win in competitions, make your horse strong and beautiful, decorate your home, protect yourself from forest predators, help other horses and villagers and much more!VARIOUS MISSIONSHelp the villagers in their affairs. Protect people and animals from danger. Have fun in mini games. Compete with animals in speed. Solve the problems of the inhabitants of the island. And many more different adventures await your horse!HORSE FAMILYIt’s hard to travel alone. Therefore, you can find a partner with whom you can have little foals. In order to have a large family you need to raise your horse’s level and do not forget to improve the characteristics of your family!HORSE HOMEThe horse can visit its home. The horse can rest and gain strength for his travels. When you are at home you can find many interesting things. You can buy these things for the horse, so that it becomes even stronger!HORSE CUSTOMIZATIONCustomize the appearance of the animal as you like. The choice is a lot of skins, funny hats, saddles for riding and armor! Try to dress it all on your horse!UPGRADESTo survive in the forest, you need to use all the possibilities! Obtain experience by performing tasks, defending yourself against other animals and collecting food. Having received a level, the character can spend experience on attack points, energy or life. There are also special skills that allow you to increase the speed of the animal, collect more food, get more resources for actions in the game, etc.DIFFERENT CREATURESIn your journey, you will see many different creatures. In the forests live various predators and herbivores. Walking through the forest you can meet a rabbit, a deer, a wild boar, a goat, a ram, a fox. Sometimes more dangerous creatures come into the forest. You need to be prepared to protect your family from attacks by wolves, snakes and even more formidable enemies! Villages are inhabited by people and domestic animals – chickens, roosters, chickens, cows, goats, sheep, cats, dogs, pigs.OPEN WORLDA large open world with fields, forests, mountains, gardens and villages is available for research.MINI GAMESMany characters can give unusual tasks that require skill and ingenuity from you. Be prepared for anything!ACHIEVEMENTSIn addition to basic tasks, your horse can gain achievements for various actions in the game.Have fun in the Horse Family – Animal Simulator 3D!